Red Feather Financial For Those Who Know What They Want And How To Get It

Red has always been a power color, and the bright red feather of the male cardinal is the inspiration for Red Feather Financial. Besides […]

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Financial Gardening Requires Planning, Management And Protection

I often compare the concept of cultivating financial wellbeing to that of gardening. When starting a garden, you have to determine where you’ll situate […]

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When Parenthood Is Postponed

Many women of the Baby Boomer generation decided to postpone motherhood until their late 30’s and 40’s. I am among those who made this […]

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Why I Hate Insurance

My business recommends services and products created by insurance companies so how dare I say I hate insurance? Well first let me tell you […]

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Losing A Spouse Doesn’t Have To Mean Losing Income

The institution of marriage offers many unique opportunities aside from the obvious ones such as companionship and family. Marriage offers unique financial planning opportunities […]

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Red Feather Financial Helps Secure Income for Life When You Retire

Planning for life in a distant future is something many Americans don’t do. When young, we are typically living in the moment or looking […]

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