Give Yourself And Loved Ones A Gift That Won’t End Up In The Landfill

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Gift giving can be stressful.

According to an article I recently read, “Each year, consumers return about $380 billion worth of goods — $90 billion of which are processed during the holiday. 5 billion pounds of those returned items end up in the trash heap.”

We have all been the recipient of some unwanted holiday gift — you know, the ugly sweater your aunt knitted, or the pink bunny pajamas Ralphie received from his Aunt Clara in the classic holiday movie A Christmas Story. Gift givers fail to realize the economic impact of their unwanted gifts. Which leads me to suggest a different kind of gift.

The Gift Of Financial Freedom

Can you imagine the impact it could have on your life or the life of a loved one to get your financial affairs well-organized? Now, you may not be thrilled at the prospect of not having a shiny gift to unwrap under the tree this year. Getting your financial affairs in order for the long-term may not let you put many gifts under the tree this year, but down the line, due to the growing strength of your finances, that could be a very different story.

The gift of financial freedom would be setting an appointment for yourself or your loved one with a Red Feather Financial advisor. We love nothing more than giving our clients the gift of financial freedom. As an independent financial advisory firm, we want what’s most important to you – your future. It is our mission to financially empower our clients. That is a gift no one would want to return.

All Assets Can Be Grown And Enhanced

Don’t think for one moment that financial planning is reserved for the wealthy. If you have any assets, they need to be protected and can typically be cultivated for growth. If you establish a workable plan you can watch your financial strength grow and become a true workhorse for your retirement.

We work with whatever your current financial situation happens to be. Our process includes helping you discover and plan for adequate income for life, building and preserving retirement assets, minimizing taxes and estate planning issues.

Our Independence Gives You Greater Alternatives

Because we are an independent Financial firm, rather than being limited to a list of investment options like the large brokerage firms offer, we are able to offer you investment alternatives tailored to your personal goals. We are also able to help manage digital assets.

Asset-Based Long-Term Care

Second only to establishing income for life, we excel in establishing asset-based long-term care for our clients. Each year sees traditional long-term care policies getting more expensive. However, being covered for long-term care to offset the exorbitant cost of home health care, assisted living care, and nursing home care is essential. At RFF, we recommend consumer-friendly options that protect you in case you need care, but also let you leave your assets as a legacy to your loved ones if you never use it.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

You’ve heard this expression applied to a variety of things in advertisements and some unsavory things with unwanted consequences. But the gift of financial freedom is truly the gift that keeps on giving. It is not a gift that will end up in the trash heap either. It could be the gift that puts your family in a position of strength for generations to come.

Investment Advisory Services offered through Center Street Advisors, Inc. (CSA), an SEC Registered Investment Advisor. Red Feather Financial and CSA are independent.
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