Who We Are

Victoria L. Collier

My grandpa was a coal miner (Collier = coal miner by Miriam-Webster Dictionary) in towns in West Virginia that don’t even make the map. As a child, my dad was shuffled around family members because his parents couldn’t afford to keep him. Getting out of the grind, my dad became a forklift operator for Kroger warehouse in Texas and, together with my mom who as a secretary for Shell Oil, was able to raise me with a middle-class up-bringing. As a successful estate planning and elder care attorney, I am able to raise my children in ways not available to me as a child. Isn’t that what it’s all about – making sure the next generation is better off than the last?

My clients come to me with two concerns: (1) not running out of money before they die and (2) being able to leave a financial legacy to others.

Having worked as a nurse’s aide in a nursing home, as well as a private home health aide, I saw first- hand the financial toll long-term care does on a family. I also saw the quality of care the money can buy. I made it my mission as an attorney to see to it that with proper planning, my clients could access quality care without sacrificing quality of life.

However, I learned that the tools a lawyer has is not always enough to reach that goal. Thus, I became licensed in insurance and health lines that fill the legal planning gap. Together, we can create the right plan to carry clients through retirement, through aging, and through long-term care needs.
It is my personal mission to help people live, age and die with independence and quality of life.

Sabrina A. Scott

I have an international background however I have always considered Atlanta home. I was born of Argentine parents in New York but relocated various times during my first sixteen years including Atlanta, Georgia; Athens, Greece; and Dusseldorf, Germany. I returned to the United States to earn my Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Art History at Emory University. I later pursued and obtained graduate degrees in Oriental Studies at the University of Oxford, specifically a MPhil and DPhil in Egyptology. At Oxford, I also held the Laycock Graduate Studentship in Egyptology at Worcester College.

When I returned to Atlanta, I managed an OB/GYN practice for over seven years. I first met Victoria Collier when my parents needed legal services. Shortly after that in 2012 I accepted the position of paralegal at The Elder & Disability Law Firm of Victoria L. Collier. In 2015, I also became Director of Veterans’ Affairs (VA) Services for Lawyers with Purpose an organization that allowed me to share my VA expertise with attorneys across the United States.

In 2017, I began a new joint venture with Victoria Collier in the form of Collier Scott Financial Solutions, LLC (CSFS) now doing business as Red Feather Financial (RFF). RFF is a company that transforms traditional retirement assets into potential long-term care income thus creating options for retirees that they did not have before. This partnership complements the estate planning services provided by The Estate & Asset Protection Law Firm. And as an investment advisor of William Joseph Capital Management LLC I am able to advise on Investment management and Financial Planning.

As more and more adult children through their caregiving experience with their parents become aware of the burden that they may become to their own children, they increasingly realize the need to prepare for outliving their resources no matter how much they have managed to accumulate in savings. Private long-term care is getting more and more expensive with every year that goes by and those who do not qualify for, and/or cannot afford, long-term care insurance have a need for a long-term care income option that is completely under their control while still preserving a potential legacy for heirs.

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