Expiration Dates

expiration dates

How often do you think about expiration dates?

I have noticed that certain family members – who will remain unidentified so I will not get in trouble – have items in their refrigerator or pantry for some time after their expiration dates. I don’t mean items like milk or meat that obviously spoil and are disposed of immediately. I mean things like spices, baking powder, bouillon cubes, or grated cheese. The expired items are not dangerous just not as effective or don’t taste as good. In most cases, this is not intentional, but merely an oversight. Unfortunately, this sometimes occurs with prescription medications which is a whole other matter.

Some Prescription Medication Expiration Dates Matter More Than Others

According to a health.com article, while not all prescription medications are dangerous after their expiration date, certain medications must never be taken post expiration date. These include insulin and nitroglycerin, both of which quickly lose their potency. In addition, liquid antibiotics aren’t as stable as the pill versions and Norepinephrine used to treat shock and low blood pressure should be discarded upon their expiration dates. In fact, Norepinephrine should be discarded if you notice discoloration. Proper storage of prescription medications is also important. Most require storage in a cool, dry place such as the refrigerator.

Human Expiration Dates

What about human expiration dates? There are life expectancy numbers which at birth compares the average number of years to be lived by a group of people born in the same year. That’s simply an average that factors in people who live many fewer years than their actual life expectancy. So, what is the longest we can hope to live if there are no unexpected accidents and we remain healthy?

According to a 2017 article published by Time.com, there are some scientists and researchers who believe we don’t really know how long humans are designed to live, and that we are constantly expanding our lifespans. While there are others who believe our maximum lifespan will only take us to 115 – 120 years of age. Currently that 115- 120 age seems to be the point that the brain and body give out.

Your Expiration Date Is Unknown

Most people, on average do not make it to 100 and beyond. Even though some do, with average lifespans extending into the 80’s, you may think that gives you plenty of time to plan for long-term care. But you really have no idea when your brain may start to function less effectively due to dementia or other neurological disorders long before you blow out 115 candles on your birthday cake. You have no idea if you’ll be in an accident that will disable you or end your life.

In other words, since you really don’t know what your expiration date is, it’s important to plan financially for several potential life outcomes. It’s wise to put a financial plan in place that will be flexible enough to accommodate whatever occurs in your future. Let Red Feather Financial help you create a plan for you that will be flexible and comprehensive to provide you with the quality of long-term care that everyone deserves despite your unknown expiration date.

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