How So Many People Jinx Their Future

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It’s Fall Break – that means no school so, as my husband heads out to battle Atlanta traffic, I say “Traffic should be light since …”. I never finish my sentence since my husband yells, “Don’t say it or you’ll jinx it!”

Taboo Subjects

I have been similarly cautioned by him and others for expressing the belief that it won’t rain this weekend or stating that I’m not sick when there is a bug going around. Really? Can we no longer comment on or appreciate the positive without concern that this will make it vanish? Maybe it’s an issue of pride. Some may think it’s boastful to expect the best outcome almost like a sense of entitlement. It is better to be humble as the meek shall inherit the earth.

How Do You Approach Your Future

This brings me to the subject of your future. How do you approach it? Do you ever think about what happens if you can’t take care of yourself anymore? This is not a pleasant thing to think about. If a client tells me, I should have enough money to pay for any long-term care I might need. I don’t yell, “Don’t say it or you’ll jinx it!” No – that’s when it’s time for analysis and review and then recommendations. If, in fact, you don’t currently have enough money to pay for potential long-term care you’ll definitely want to have this conversation.

Power Of Positive Thinking

In direct contrast to this aversion or avoidance of acknowledging the positive is the positive psychology movement. This movement believes you only need to apply positive thinking to achieve your goals. Success is only possible when you declare your goals. This may be out loud, this may be in writing, but if unspoken will never be obtained. It acknowledges the power of your mind in shaping your decisions. Speaking your desires and taking specific action in the direction of your desires sets things in motion. This is how things get done.

Unfortunately so many people actually expect the worst while merely hoping for the best. That’s it. They don’t actually do, say or think anything positive. That holds true for the traffic, the weather, sickness and financial planning for the future. Talk about ‘jinxing’! That’s what I call sticking your head in the sand. This is a trend I would love to help people exchange for a more positive, deliberate and decisive plan of action.

What We Think And What We Believe Sets The Course Of Our Lives

Henry Ford said it so succinctly when he stated, “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.” An article I recently read elaborating on Mr. Ford’s perspective on confidence says, “As human beings, we are wired to follow in what we think and what we believe. If we believe in and think on the positive about ourselves, our actions will surely follow this route in life. On the other hand, thinking that we cannot do or achieve something also sets us on a course to fail and fall short. Despite what some may try to say, a person’s own mind is one of the strongest influences that will ever be present in their life.”

Don’t Jinx, Change The Way You Think

Your future is always in your own hands. It’s always in your own mind and is exemplified by how you think, speak and act. Believe in and make positive statements about everything and everyone in your life. Consider your financial future and find someone who believes in positive outcomes and can help you achieve your financial objectives and dreams. Otherwise you’ll be like so many others who end up surprised at how unfortunate their lives have played out while they were expecting the worst and merely hoping for the best outcome.

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