Co-Founder of Red Feather Financial, Dr. Sabrina Scott Suggests One Way That Readers Can Make Life A Little Less Spooky

Dr. Sabrina Scott admits what frightens her most in life and it isn’t Halloween. She also reveals that more than half of adults in the U.S. live in the condition that she finds most frightening, which is financial instability and not being able to cover an unexpected expense.

DECATUR, GA, November 7, 2019: Dr. Sabrina Scott, co-founder of Red Feather Financial, has posted a new article on the firm’s website entitled “How A Financial Plan Can Make Life Less Spooky.” Dr. Scott acknowledges that no one knows what the future will bring, while also acknowledging that being financially prepared can help eliminate some of the natural fear of the unknown.

Dr. Scott writes, “As much as I love the spooky nature of Halloween, (see last month’s blog Something Wicked This Way Comes), there are certain things I absolutely do not like being spooked by or about.” She explains, “At the very top of that list is financial instability. Anyone who knows me knows how true this is.”

“It comes then, as no surprise,” says Dr. Scott, “that I have chosen the work I do as a financial advisor. I know that being financially vulnerable is downright frightening and disempowering on so many levels.” She continues adding, “I love helping people establish a financial plan that they can stick to. I love to watch as my clients become more and more financially secure and confident.”

Dr. Scott goes on to say, “It’s even more exciting when one of my clients is ready to retire and they have been diligent in adhering to their financial goals and they can retire without giving up their chosen lifestyle. I get the most profound feeling of fulfillment when this occurs.”

According to Dr. Scott, “As someone who is raising a family in today’s world with so many demands, it can be very frightening not knowing if you’ll ever be able to retire. Or whether you’ll be able to help put your kids through college. Or buy a house. Or make needed repairs to your home or automobile.” “And,” she poses, “what would happen if you or your spouse were to get ill and not be able to work? How would your family get along in that situation if you don’t actually think ahead and make a financial plan that will cover at least some of the unexpected events that can happen?”

Dr. Scott points out, “Life, as we all know, is full of surprises. If you are not at least somewhat financially prepared, fear can take over and life can become very miserable.”

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About Dr. Sabrina Scott

Sabrina Scott learned about Veterans Benefits and Medicaid when her parents sought legal services for long-term care. Confident she could find ways to preserve her family’s resources and still get access to Government Assistance, Sabrina felt there should be more options than relying on welfare. As a result, Dr. Scott became an investment advisor representative who can make recommendations regarding securities and became licensed in insurance as well. She co-founded Red Feather Financial with Victoria Collier to help those who want to have a plan in place in order not to outlive their resources and who do not want to be a burden to their children.

About Victoria Collier

Victoria L. Collier, CELA founded The Estate & Asset Protection Law Firm to serve the legal needs of retiring individuals. Victoria is also Co-Founder of Red Feather Financial. At both firms WE BELIEVE that people should not have to lose everything they’ve worked a lifetime to earn and that every person is an individual who deserves respect and the highest quality of life possible, regardless of age or ability. We also believe that privacy and protection are the keys to personal peace. Victoria was appointed by Governor Perdue to the Georgia Council on Aging, 2010 – 2016 and was awarded Dekalb County Veteran of the Year, 2013. She is the author of 47 Secret Veterans Benefits for Seniors; Paying for Long Term Care – Financial Help for Wartime Veterans: The VA Aid & Attendance Benefit.

About Red Feather Financial

Red Feather Financial is an independent financial advisory firm born with a singular mission: to financially empower our clients and protect their financial future. Most people come to see us because they are worried about having enough money for retirement and long-term care costs. We help by showing our clients how they can leverage their assets in the most tax-efficient and cost-effective ways.

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